Swansea Radical Gardening Services

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Helping you to prepare to reclaim responsibility for your eco footprint from corporate producers, helping you to start to make preparations for abrupt climate change and the food crisis and helping you to soften the blow by making the first steps to living in ways which reverse the causes of climate change whilst becoming more resilient. Helping you to see the pointless environmental tragedy of lawns in a culture which depends upon land grabs, fossil fuels, slavery, subsidies and soil erosion for its food supply.

No petrol lawnmowers, strimmers, artificial fertilisers or herbicides. We offer the following services:

Lawn scything by hand or grazing by tethered horse for large lawns. Will not give stripes on your lawn but we will pick up the horse shit after. Turn your grass into horse power.

Raised bed lawn replacement service. Without digging we will create raised vegetable beds made from either partially charred for long life used scaffolding planks (lower budget) or Welsh slate walled (higher budget). We will fill the beds with a mulch of cardboard (weed surpression) and composted wood chip, manure and biochar. Whilst ordinary mulches will decompose releasing carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, our experience with our mulch mix shows that there will be a long lasting net gain in mulch carbon. We aim to replicate the tera pretta soils of the Amazon in which the 9% char content and no dig conditions has resulted in a man made soil high in organic matter hundreds of years on. (In rainforest conditions the organic matter should have otherwise decomposed rapidly). We will give maintenance instructions and will even raise and transplant crops and maintain beds if required.

Green waste collection service. We will remove and compost or turn to biochar your garden waste and then try to sell it back to you as carbon stable anabolic compost.

Advice and Implementation of Holistic Farmstead grazing procedures, from chickens to buffalo, grass fed using mob grazing and other systems which build soil.

Advice and Implementation of landscaping for soil carbon capture; swales, terraces, Fanya Ju terraces, Hugelkultur and agroecology systems, combined with biochar producing heat sources for farms, gardens and homes. Full cycle biochar; food and fuel from climate stabilising closed loop systems.

Advice and implementation of biochar based aquaponic systems. Biochar substrates are more adsorptive, with gteater surface area, thereby having advantages over conventional substrates.

Advice and implementation of biochar based ‘tree bog’ toilet and waste management systems. Dont flush it away, direct your shit to feed trees and reeds which draw down carbon to produce heat and biochar to go back into the tree bog for further filtration and hygene. Credit to Jay Abrahams of Biologic Design for the concept of ‘tree bogs’.

Information is given freely. Please contact for further details or for prices forĀ  service implementation.