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Bringing Biochar Heat Sources into Agroforestry and Permaculture Gardens.

Come along, meet people, learn and help to install Stuart and Emmas biochar producing hot water system.

Tuesday 28th October 2014

At The Crossings, Forest Row.

Contact Emma Goodwin for further details and for booking confirmation.

Tel. 07976296364 email;



Tea and Intro and field tour tour by Emma and Stuart


Talk and Q&A with Ed Revill:

Bringing Biochar Heat Sources into Food Forests.

Turn soil in your garden, allotment or farm into a fertile carbon sink and do so in a way that provides food and energy.

For people interested in reclaiming control of their food and energy in order to be able to live in partnership with the Earth.

Agroforestry or forest garden + Biochar heat sources = Reverse footprint.

Biochar, what and how.

Stove Tech Demo

Reversing the loop.

The more people begin to meet their needs in ways which build soil by locking carbon in soil, the better the world becomes for everybody.



Lunch Break

Experience the taste of ‘nutrient dense’ food from a no dig raised bed agroforestry + biochar heaters garden.



Hands on,

Get muddy helping to install and mix cob for the thermal mass for Stuart and Emmas new biochar stove and hot water system.