Local Green Waste Collection

We collect garden and horticultural waste in and around Swansea.

We will also collect clean (unpainted) timber from other sources.

Prices vary according to quantities, distance and other factors. We keep our prices to a minimum so please contact us for a quote.

We will also undertake various horticultural, garden or tree maintenance jobs.

We will take for free deliveries of wood logs or chipped brush from other tree or garden service providers.

Your green waste will be recycled in the following way; grass cuttings and other ‘high nitrogen’ products will be mixed with biochar, covered and left to compost before being applied to the vegetable plots. Wood and other ‘high carbon’ waste products will be gasified to produce heat and biochar. Mixing the compost with the biochar will prevent the soluble nutrients from washing out once the mix is applied to the crops. This will not only improve crop yields, it will prevent pollution run off.