Local Box Scheme

Vegetables grown here are sold or given very locally, either through a weekly vegetable box scheme or occasionally through local produce markets, using what we call a ‘targeted gift economy’.

By ‘targeted’ we mean “if you profit from environmental or social destruction then please do not ask for our produce.” (See below). We believe that humanity creates environmental and social crises because people are devoting effort to earning money regardless of the other consqeuences of that labour. In an attempt to mitigate the consequences of those people whose work is having adverse social or environmental consequences, we are making the statement; “here is a product which no amount of your money can buy.”

We will deliver a weekly box of vegetables within a 3 or 4 mile catchment area. The reason for the small catchment area is because we want to go back to horse drawn deliveries should there ever be local support for the ‘novel’ idea of producing, packing and delivering vegetables with no fossil fuels or disposable packaging and grown in ways which build soil and reverse climate change.

Having spent several years delivering to Swansea city by horse and cart we stopped because Sunday traffic in Swansea is now too prohibitive and because there is almost no local support or interest in and around our viscinity. We may start using horses again once there is enough local support for us to do so or once Sunday traffic levels decline should fossil fuel availability decline.

We hope that, even if local people do not shift to supporting small scale local sustainable produce, the worsening food crisis will force up the prices of the subsidised Earth killing corporate food systems, forcing a shift to a demand for local sustainable food.

Our aim is to provide a truly carbon negative service, growing food crops in ways which support biomes through increasing biodiversity and building soil carbon without the use of fossil fuels.

We ask for a suggested donation of around £10 for a box of mixed, seasonal produce from our fields. We do need a certain amount of money to cover overheads.

We try to give between 8 and 10 items of produce all of which are grown here as described in this web site.

If you can not afford this then please give what you can afford. If you have no money then you are welcome to come and help grow crops in return for produce. This can be a fun and educational experience.

We will not give produce to people who repeatedly and consistently give nothing back because this is doing neither us nor such people any favours.

We aim to support gift economies. Our ideal would be to bypass conventional financial industries as these have become corrupt to the extent that they destroy life and natural balance by giving large subsidies to fossil fuel, agricultural and other corporations. One reason for these subsidies is to maintain corporate control. These subsidies make it difficult to replace corporate controlled with local, sustainable production systems.

Please understand that we take no government subsidies whilst the soil destroying, climate changing corporate food industries get nearly $1bn a day in direct subsidies and the oil industry which props up the agro-industrial system gets around $4bn a day, not including indirect subsidies such as tax breaks and lack of environmental accountability.

Targeted Gift Economy

We do not give our vegetables to everybody.

One reason for wanting to move over to a gift economy is because financial inequalities are getting in the way of the shift to returning to living within the Earths carrying capacity. We want to help to reverse these inequalities in order to get back on the path of sustainable harmony.

If you work for petrochemical companies such as BP, Shell or Texaco or if you work for mineral extraction companies such as Rio Tinto Zinc, If you work for agro-industrial corporations such as Monsanto, Cargill, or Syngenta or if you work selling their products, if you work for companies involved in land grabs, if you work for arms industries or if you work in the conventional finance sector, then please do not ask us for our produce.

If you have shares in such companies, with a view to making a profit, then do not ask to buy our produce.

If you work for such industries with the intention of subverting from within then please disregard this exclusion, you are very welcome to our produce.

It requires a lot of unpaid work to grow crops in ways which build soil, increase biodiversity and soil stable carbon. People who work to the detrement of life are often rewarded well financially. Here is something which no amount of your money can buy.

Instead we prioritise feeding those people who are working towards changing the world for the better.

We prioritise distributing our food to people who are actively involved in creating social and environmental improvement. We will deliver further distances to people who we believe are active in creating an alternative world.

Please contact us if you live in or around the village of Murton, near Swansea, and are interested in more details about getting vegetable box deliveries.