Making Biochar Stoves

Biochar Multi Heater

The Biochar Multi Heater. Biochar producing pyrolisis stoves are very efficient and clean burning. However, using one in as a hob with a simple cooking pot is very inefficient, only a small fraction of the heat generated is actually captured and used. If we are to make the … read more

Making TLUD Stoves

  This page gives instructions for making tlud stoves. For a description of how these stoves work, go to the ‘tlud stoves‘ page. The Tin Can TLUD. I have seen several variations on this theme, most slightly smaller than this stove and without the fan. I used a … read more

Biochar Rocket Building Instructions.

  The link below is to a leaflet describing the stove and with diagrams of how to build one. Biochar Rocket Stove – building instructions   The above pdf shows a drawing of a basic biochar stove and of its components. (Thank you Dianne Holness for putting this … read more