Growing Veg


We at Swansea Biochar grow crops in ways which build soil carbon and thereby reverse climate change, rather than using conventional ways which release carbon from the Earth into the atmosphere.

We do this by using an agroforestry technique called Alley Cropping.

We combine alley cropping with biochar producing heat sources.

Combining alley cropping with biochar heat sources and returning the biochar to the soil in which crops are grown optimises the amount of carbon drawn down from the atmosphere by plants and stabilises this carbon in soils in ways which build soil structure.

This system enables us to earn an income by producing crops for food and fuel in a way which reverses the causes of climate change whilst building soil.

Agroforestry can be a closed loop system of crop production which optimises photosynthesis and carbon draw down and the biochar heat sources stabilise much of this carbon in ways which can build soil through improving soil aggregation.