Growing Veg


We grow crops in ways which build soil carbon and thereby reverse climate change.

We do this by using an agroforestry technique called Alley Cropping.

We combine alley cropping with biochar producing heat sources, returning the biochar to the soil in which the crops are grown.

This system enables us to earn an income by producing crops for food and fuel in a way which reverses the causes of climate change through building soil.

We also bring into this system various other soil carbon keys; practices which influence soil carbon.

Carbon rich soil gives us an advantage over subsidised, exploitative food production, enabling us to take a living from increasing photosynthesis in an economic climate which encourages growers to generate income from fossil fuel dependent, soil degrading systems.

This is a free information site aimed at small scale growers who wish to generate an income in ways which bypass many of the exploitative symptoms of fossil fuel dependent economic growth.

We are also raising money, again avoiding grant subsidies, in order to fund a pool of shared machinery:

1, To be used only for practices which facilitate the building of soil C.

2, Available free of charge to growers who take no grant subsidies and

3, Available at low rates for growers who currently do take grant subsidies.